IMPACT Training Institute

IMPACT training and learning center is delivering high end training initiatives in Bahrain. IMPACT is also involved in providing consultancy services to corporate clients in the area of human capacity building. IMPACT is an accredited body conducting courses in association with City & Guilds International. IMPACT is teamed by well experienced professionals in various areas of training management and development.



Chairman: Hakeem AL-Ahmed. Post graduate businessman; Mr.AL Ahmed is engaged in different ventures; mostly properties and restaurants.


Managing Director: Adel Reda. Has 25 years of experience in different professions from Electronics Engineer to Retailing and in the last decade his focuses are on human and training development. He holds a degree in Engineering and a Master degree in Business.


Executive Manager: Julie Joyce. Following many years in learning and development, Julie has gained extensive knowledge of continuous development to define problems and develop solutions. Her working career started in 1978 in British Steel (UK) and has spanned over 25 years. Her career has since covered all aspects of training in varied sectors through the design and implementation of interventions both in the UK and the Kingdom of Bahrain working with companies such as Tata Steel, Amex (Middle East), Lloyds Bank, Barnardo’s Children’s Charity UK, Bahrain Airport Services and Department of Education.